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Aeron is a character from the Chronicles of Nick book series.

About the Character[]

Aeron (pronounced Erin) is an ancient Celtic god of war with an axe to grind and an agenda only he knows. His name means carnage and slaughter.


Aeron stands at 6'2 with light eyes and dark blond hair in human form. In his P'uca form his skin is ghostly pale with long silvery white blond hair. He is covered in battle scars and has a stylised Celtic raven tattoo on his chest.


Aeron was tricked and trapped into a hell realm by his own kinsmen who stole his powers. He has spent thousands of years trapped with Xevikan Daraxerxes in the hell realm as a P'uca with no corporeal form. He was briefly left alone when Nick freed Xevikan but was later freed himself after helping Nick through his trial in the hell realm to find the berries to save Caleb and Cherise. Aeron and Nashira helped save Nick's life, to do it Aeron had to drink some of Nick's blood. After drinking the malachai's blood he became corporeal again and was able to save him. Nick brought him back through the portal and freed him, reuniting him with Xevikan.


Xevikan Daraxerxes[]

His best friend, Aeron has lived and survived with Xevikan for thousands of years together in the hell realm. They were each others only company and are very close.

Caleb Malphas[]

After being freed and made corporeal again he currently lives with Caleb as he gets used to the modern age.

Nick Gautier[]

After Nick freed him they have become close friends. He is also one of the Usumgallu (the Malachai's Generals) he is the Sarru-Tahazu.


An old friend of Aeron's who he invited to live in Caleb's wine cellar without his knowledge. They would often party with Simi when Caleb is not home.


Another old friend of Aeron's who is living with him and Kaziel at Caleb's after freeing Vawn from Azmodea.