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Kaziel is a character in the Chronicles of Nick book series.

About the Character

Kaziel is one of the dreaded Cwn Annwn or Hel Hounds who thrive on fighting and bloodshed. Kaziel doesn't talk much, he's said to be even more antisocial than Zavid Frost which is saying something.


Kaziel stands at 6'2 with long pale blonde hair that falls to his shoulders with tiny braids interlaced with beads and feathers holding it back from his face. His eyes are a light green that glow with an ethereal, fey light. He is covered in tattoos, two on his face going up under his eyes like tusks, a stylized sun symbol on his forehead and Celtic birdlike tattoos going up his left side. They are similar tattoo's to the Dark-Hunter Talon's.

As a Hel Hound he's over four and a half feet tall, snow white with blood red ears and glowing flame red eyes. With every breath flames shoot out of his muzzle. He is a terrifying sight.


Kaziel first appears in Invision when Caleb finds out Aeron who is staying in his house has invited a house guest of his own. Aeron had been letting Kaziel live in Caleb's wine cellar. Kaziel, Aeron and Simi would have parties while Caleb was out of the house.

Kaziel aids Jaden in retrieving Aeron and Zavid from Azmodea where they meet their old friend Vawn. Afterwards Kaziel properly moves in to Caleb's house.



Aeron is an old friend of Kaziel's. They have fought in battle together. Upon Aeron's release from the hell realm he was sealed in he promptly caught up with Kaziel and invited him to live in Caleb's house with him.


Vawn is another old friend of Kaziel's and also Aeron's. They become reunited when Kaziel aids in Aeron's and Zavid's rescue from Azmodea and free Vawn while they're at it. The three of them together are very powerful.

Xevikan Daraxerxes

Xev is also an old friend of Kaziel's and have fought together in battle. When they confront Kaziel in the wine cellar Xevikan is able to calm him down and shift from hound to human.

Caleb Malphas

Kaziel lived in Caleb's wine cellar for a short amount of time and now lives in his house with Aeron and Vawn. Caleb welcomes him as a brother after finding out Kaziel is also born of both light and dark.




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