Lilliana is a character in the Chronicles of Nick book series.

About the Character Edit

Lilliana is Caleb's first and only wife and a healer. She is now deceased.

Appearance Edit

Lilliana has long white-blonde hair, blue eyes and a nose slightly too big for her pixie like face.

History Edit

Lilliana first met Caleb when he was wounded from battle. Despite the fact he was a terrifying demon and fighting to destroy humankind she aided him and protected him until he healed. She shielded him in a nearby cave so that his enemies would not find and kill him despite the fact he was also her enemy. She gave him the name Caleb as she didn't think Malphas suited him.

They were married for 3 years and lived and worked on a farm together before Lilliana was murdered in an attack caused from a supposed betrayal by Caleb's brother Xevikan.

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