This page is comprised of Nekoda's relationships with other characters.

Love InterestsEdit

Nick GautierEdit

Nick and nekoda

Nick and Kody had an automatic attraction to each other. Partially as Nekoda was originally sent to kill Nick. The two met when Nick was sent to the principles office ad Nekoda was finishing off learning her schedule. Nekoda stood up for Nick when Stone began insulting him.

The two next met when Nekoda was volenteering in the hospital and helping Nick out. She gave him comics to read as well as allowed him to use her pink Nintendo DS, which Nick was incredibly grateful for.

They soon reunited on the street. At the moment the two made contact Nick, with Nick hugging her on instinct. As he hadn't seen a friendly face in a while, Nick warns her of the danger and that she shouldn't be out at night. Nekoda teases him but finds it sweet none the less.

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