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Nekoda Kennedy is a character from the Chronicles of Nick book series.

About the Character[]

Nekoda "Kody" Kennedy/ Nyria/ Belam is an immortal whose job it is to kill Nick. Her best friend/boyfriend is Nick Gautier. Her worst enemy is Noir. She drives a 1972 Corvette Stingray (red). Her weapon of choice is a sword and she attends St. Richards High School with Nick and Caleb. She is also unsure about her relationship with Nick, and does not know ether to kill him or love him.


Chapter 1[]

"I'm Nekoda Kennedy, but most people call me Kody. I'm new to the school and kind of nervous. They told me to wait here, then there was a fight and they haven't come back and..,I'm sorry, I babble when I'm nervous."

At the office Nick met Kody. He was attracted to her instantly. Until Stone came over and hit on Kody, resulting in her calling him an animal and more much to Nick's amusement. Stone then insults Nick again, leading to Kody standing up for him. Kody soon had to leave as she had to finish overlooking her schedule.

Infinity Chapter 3[]

Nekoda and Nick

Nick woke up with all people Nekoda standing over him. He soon finds out that she's been volunteering at the hospital. Nekoda asks about his injuries and he explains them to her. She asks him if he knew who did it and he lied just as he did to the police. Nekoda offers him books, comics and some other things to pass the time as well as a drink. Nick takes up the offer with pleasure even asking if they had manga much to Nekoda's confusion. Nick also asks if they have a nintendo on the rack but much to his displeasure they don't. Nekoda soon leaves and Nick goes to sleep. Nick awakens to find that Nekoda had left him her own nintendo, a pink one.

Nekoda and Sraosha

"Have no fear, Sraosha. I've learned from my mistake. This time, I won't fail. If we can't turn him, I will kill him."

Nekoda watches Nick take the Nintendo much to her pleasure as unknown to him, it allows her to keep track of him. She meets up with her mentor Sraosha. Sraosha asks her if Nick could be saved and Nekoda believes he could be but is soon warned not to be seduced by him and that if she can't save him, she'll kill him.

Throughout the rest of the novel, she decides to help Nick through his troubles of finding out the truth about his conception, and what he truly is. As they go on together, she slowly is attracted to Nick, while also filled with a worsening despair that she may not be able to save him.


Nekoda stands at 5' 5 with brown hair and green eyes. Her build is slender.


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