Xevikan Daraxerxes is a character from the Chronicles of Nick book series.

About the Character Edit

Xevikan Daraxerxes is an ancient chaos god of blood disease, fire, famine, plagues, violent death, fear and destruction. He doesn't like to speak of the past or to bother alleviating anyone's suspicions of himself. Rather he expects the world to draw it's own incorrect conclusions about him, whatever they may be. The one thing he believes in most is paying back what's owed, whether that's good or evil. He's all about the balance sheet and is definitely keeping score.

Appearance Edit

Xevikan stands at 6'6' with multicoloured hair. His hair is the colours of the primal gods thanks to his curse, half his hair is an unnatural blood red and the other half a bright yellow with some of his natural black hair mixed in. His eyebrows are a vibrant blue colour. His eyes are hazel brown/green and his build is lean but ripped. His curse mark is branded into his chest.

(Spoiler Below)

As of Invision his hair and eyebrows are back to their original black colour.

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